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Meet My Pets


Django came to us from North Shore Animal League. She is a lab mix who is thought to have been born in the south and rescued from a puppy mill. When I first saw her, she was a quiet, mushy, black lab that stared at us with those “take me home” eyes. She is the absolute sweetest pup in the whole wide world. Read about Django's adoption story here.


Where to begin with Hayley? We adopted her from a North Shore Adoption van that conveniently parked outside our building 11 years ago. She was matted, not potty trained (although she was 3 or 4 years old), and was completely afraid of everything and everyone. She has an inch long scar at the top of her head and I shudder to think of what she lived through before we found her. In the beginning, we couldn't even scratch our heads without her screeching in fear thinking we were going to hit her. It's been a long road. She is now one pampered and very happy old lady.

Update: We lost our sweet Hayley to a brain tumor on August 6, 2017.


Cloe is the definite diva in our home. Often perturbed looking, she is a huge black and white kitty who went from having OCD for cleanliness to having an obsession for food. She is less than immaculate now which probably explains her often disturbed expression. She was born in a yard and rescued by the same woman who brought us Lily. We answered an ad for a kitten and the woman asked us if we could possibly take in an older cat as well....


Lily is beautiful. She came to us at the age of 2 when the same cat rescuer who brought us Cloe found her. She has had damage to her left eye which is brown while her right is green. She has a significant head twitch but is total love.

Update: We lost beautiful Lily to intestinal cancer on February 21, 2015.


Baby was found by my daughter's friend's mom in an alley in a desolate neighborhood in Brooklyn. It took her at least a year to warm up to all of us; she was very much a street cat with a survivalist attitude. Now she can't stop rubbing up on us and meowing every chance she gets.


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