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Puppy Falls Face First Into Cactus: Happy Ending When ‘Cactus Jack’ Gets Adopted

This little Yorkie/Terrier mix pup was surely a sight for sore eyes after he fell face first onto a cactus. The Phoenix pup, dubbed ‘Cactus Jack’ was found by a good Samaritan who heard the puppy’s distressful cries and horrifyingly discovered that the dog had become attached to a cactus. The person called the Arizona Humane Society who quickly came to rescue the poor pooch. While waiting for help to arrive, reports the Huffington Post , the good Samaritan “quickly went to work extracting Cactus Jack and pulling out the sharp spines from his body. By the time AHS arrived, the good Samaritan had nearly filled up a five-gallon bucket with spines.” The eight-week-old puppy received immediate care and the medical team finished the tedious job of removing each and every cactus needle. Amazingly, despite the amount of needles stuck in his face, his eyes remained unharmed. He was treated with antibiotics and given an otherwise clean bill of health. When the good people of Arizo

Surviving A Multi-Pet Household: Meet My Pets

Django, just one of our 16 pets I’ve always had pets. Ever since I can remember we had a dog and a few cats so it makes sense that in my adulthood, my husband and I have never been without at least one pet. Our first pet was Jason, a temperamental, fluffy orange tabby who was so constantly miffed that he would jump up and attack us. He calmed down over the years, especially after we introduced two new kittens into his perfect world. But having a few animals of the same type is slightly different than having a few different types of pets. Read the full story and see pics of all my pets at Disney's Babble Pets...

Strange Pet Names

Schatzie seems tame in comparison to many of the pet names out there today. When I was eight years old, my mother had a friend whose Rottweiler was having puppies. While the mama was a Rottweiler and the daddy was a Doberman Pinscher, the puppies were big, beautiful balls of mushy love. I don’t think I was ever quite as excited as a child than the day that we walked 10 blocks to the friend’s house to bring home one of the puppies. We picked out an unassuming, adorable face who was seated in the back of the litter. When we got home, we talked names, and went on all day about what we would call this pup. She was just 8 weeks but already so heavy that I could only hold her for short periods of time without my arm going numb. We had no idea how big or ferocious she would get, but from day one, she was the sweetest pup. It was my uncle who came up with her German name, Schatzie, which ironically means sweetheart, honey, or darlin