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New Meaning To Your Dog Is Family: Django Just Can't Be Left Out!

If you've read about Django, our black Lab, you've probably gathered by now that she has to be included in everything. She get dressed up to go out (hoping to flirt with her BF Henry down the block): She takes a seat at the table: Now she had to get her hair done like the rest of us girls in the family: Oh yeah, Django is one smart pup.... and she knows it!

Tips To Help Picky Canine Eaters Satisfy Their Appetite

Django, taking a seat at the kitchen table, thinking those sad eyes will elicit  her own plate. When we adopted our black Lab mix, Django as an eight-week-old puppy , she was a typical growing and starving pup. As soon as I placed her puppy food in the bowl, she would basically inhale it. Literally, she ingested her entire meal in less than 10 seconds. I waited for her to bring it all back up the first couple of times, wondering how any lil dog could eat that fast, but she never did. Back then, she was eating three times a day and did this same ritualistic scarfing every single time. Could she have worms? Why was she always so hungry? On a trip to the vet for shots, I related this story to our vet. "Then she'll inhale her food in 10 seconds. Is this normal?" I asked.  "And how can I teach her to not eat so much and so fast?" "She's a growing puppy," Dr. Montella explained, "Feed her more." Huh? If I fed her more, I feared