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Selfie Saturday

Django was just hanging with us when the need for a selfie appeared.  Shh, she hasn't noticed the grays on her chin. I'm hoping these are just by-products of her color schemed fur (although she is entirely black everywhere else) and NOT a sign  of old age.  She only just turned 3!

Tuesday Tip: Stretch Fleece!

Now that temps are dipping in the 40s here in NYC and fall has officially begun, it's time for pet owners to think about those cozy sweaters and jackets to help their pup brave the cold weather.  Hayley usually wears a jacket on walks during the winter, but since Django is a Lab, she really doesn't mind the cold. (Of course, she is never left out in it! She only goes out to do her business in the yard or take walks with us when it's extremely cold.) The one problem I have with the majority of sweaters and jackets made for dogs is that they are ill-fitted, coarse, and just uncomfortable in my opinion. While definitely fashionable, many don't take the dog's comfort into consideration. I prefer my dog's comfort over looking cute.

What I Know For Sure: Django Was A Gift From Heaven

Our sweet Django I was sitting in my Manhattan office one quiet September morning back in 2008 on my way to a meeting when I got the call that my Uncle Richard had passed away . It was a sudden heart attack and he likely died in his sleep. I don’t even know how I made it home. The shock and disbelief was huge but the pain was encompassing. After I went through the motions of the funeral, I dove full-force into work to avoid thinking. My Uncle Richard was not my father but yet he was. He did everything a father would, including treating me and my kids like his own. His absence was engulfing. His death was the first time in my adult life that I lost someone that I truly loved. September 23 was a day I would dread the whole year.  The first year after his death in 2009 was incredibly difficult. It felt like it still happened yesterday and yet it also felt like it had been a long time since I had seen him. The following year was difficult too and I grew resolute in the fact that S

Wordless Wednesday: Hayley Always Wins

Photo Credit: Amanda Sullivan

Affording Grain Free Dog Food: It IS Doable!

It wasn't until a few years ago that I heard about a gluten free diet. My daughter, Kate, lives with Hashimoto's Disease and one of the many ailments of the disease is what they call leaky gut. Hashimoto patients are advised to stay away from gluten to help improve their digestion and stomach trouble. At the time, I knew very little about it but now we are pros. Of course, some people also go gluten free for weight loss and overall health but for us, having a gluten free diet is vital to Kate's well-being.  As I've mentioned before, Kate and Hayley, our chihuahua, have a super special bond . Kate notices when any little thing is bothering Hayley. Over the past year, Hayley has had a less than normal stomach. Without getting in the gory details, her bowels are unpredictable at times. Since Kate knows what it's like to live with stomach pain, she naturally feels bad for her.  We've tried different foods and some are better than others. Of course, some are mo

Now You Can Find Me on ASPCA Parents

When I started out writing about pets, and dogs in particular, I found it quite enjoyable. It really didn't seem like work at all. After years of writing and editing about parenting, the switch to writing about animals was a profound joy. I have felt a special bond with animals ever since I can remember, so working on their behalf is a gift. Once I got into the groove of pet writing, I started this blog dedicated to dogs, and this, too has been a blessing. It has also graced me with meeting a host of great folks in the pet world, from owners and trainers to CEOs and staffers who have in one way or another, dedicated their lives to helping innocent animals. 

ASPCA/Rachael Ray and VetGuard Contest Winners Announced!

This summer was fun- and fast! It seemed to have flown by in the blink of an eye. The weather is beautiful and I'm certainly looking forward to fall, as are Hayley and Django. Today, we get to announce the winners of two fun contests we ran here on Some Puppy To Love.