Squirrel Tries To Bury Nut In Dog’s Fur: Adorable Viral Video

squirrel buries nut dog fur
On our snow-laden streets of Brooklyn (with more snow to come this week!), the local squirrels have been busily running around trying to find food. My son and I watched them on the way home from school yesterday as they frantically attempted to search for buried nuts. Two of them busily dug through gray snow, back and forth with their little paws. Another sniffed around the base of a tree. A fourth, lucky squirrel was happily perched up on a branch chewing on a found acorn.
We wondered if the family of squirrels would ever locate all the food their stored up last fall, which is now buried so far below the dirty, icy snow.
The crafty squirrel in this viral video may have had a better idea, or not. He tries his best to bury his food but the place he selected is not quite ideal either.

He chooses the fur of a Bernese mountain dog to hide his nut. The very patient pup looks on as the critter makes attempt after attempt. The result is hysterical and so, so cute!

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