Dog Scarves: Our New Line at BKLYN Handmade!

My daughters and I recently opened up an Etsy shop. It's a shop that offers our handmade crocheted items and we aptly named it BKLYN Handmade. We have been having a lot of fun crocheting infinity scarves, hats, cute braided ear warmers, and more. Our item are stylish and elegant, yet comfy and warm. (Here is a link that explains why we named it BKLYN Handmade.)

We recently worked our first vendor fair and had amazing results so we hope to get our Etsy shop sales up soon. We only just started it and have been told several times that it takes time.

In the meantime, as we crochet, Django, of course has been there every step of the way. Usually she will just sleep beside us, but often she will plop right down on our working we are using it! So we joke around that she is our assistant (although she provides more work not less!)

I have found crocheting to be a pure act of love. It might sounds strange but when we sold our items at the fair, many of which were our first accessories made, I felt a sense of loss at seeing them leave but a huge sense of happiness when thinking that they would be worn and enjoyed by the person buying them, or presented at gifts, which many of them were. So now, whenever I settle down to create a new piece, I get excited. Over the past few weeks, I have often wondered what Django would look like in one of our items. And then one night I had an idea....

Being a model is hard work!
What if we made scarves for dogs? Not the long scarves that need to be tied and have the potential to come loose, fall off, or worse, get stuck in something while they are running.

No, I wanted to create something warm and cozy, and incredibly cute but safe for Django and every other dog out there.

That night our new line of dog scarves was born.

We are busily creating a variety of colors an textures to satisfy every dog and dog owner.

We are offering every size, from x-small for your tiny toy Chihuahua or teacup Yorkie to x-large for your giant Newfoundland or St. Bernard, and every size in between. Django, our smallish Lab mix tends to wear a medium, while Hayley, our Chihuahua/Eskie mix parades around in a small.

You can find our shop here: BKLYN Handmade. Please also peruse our human accessories, too! We are busily making more dog scarves every day, and also take custom orders, so please feel free to message us via Etsy. You can also ask us questions at the above "Contact Us" tab.

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