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And They Call It Puppy Love........

It’s been a few days since I’ve written because we brought home an adorable pup on Saturday night- and she has kept me quite busy. We did go to the adoption event Saturday morning but they only had older, larger dogs, and while there were really cute pooches, I wanted a puppy. We ended up at North Shore Animal League in Long Island by that afternoon and there were so many adorable pups, it was ridiculously difficult to choose.  There were two rooms of puppies and we looked at every single one for about an hour. Then workers just wheeled in another set of cages with new arrivals and she was in that batch. She was a quiet, mushy, black lab that stared at us with those “take me home” eyes. Another pup, a boy also caught our eye and we considered bringing them both home, but North Shore only allows one adoption at a time. I cannot say enough about North Shore. Good Day NY’s Brett Larson first referred me to North Shore because that is where he found his beloved pooch, Dext

Wanted: Mom's Best Friend

I’m having a case of empty crib syndrome. My youngest is turning 8 in two weeks and after 18 years of swaddling babies, reading picture book bedtime stories, and teaching ABC’s, I have no baby, no toddler, no preschooler. My son is 4 foot 8, into Mario Wii games, wrestling, and gross boy words. My daughters are 13 and 18 so way beyond the cute and cuddly stage where we’d dress up dolls and had mock strollers and highchairs strewn across the living room. I miss babies. Sometimes, you will catch me watching an episode of PBS’ Arthur all by myself. It borders on pathetic.  The problem is that I don’t want another baby. I’ve already been there, done that — three times! But I want something to nurture, and I think I’ve found the perfect solution. A dog!