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Django's First Snow Days

Django playing in the snow For those of us who are thankfully home and not traveling today, many are excited. As if the anticipation of Christmas morning hasn’t made us old folk feel child-like enough this week, there is nothing like a good old-fashioned snowstorm to bring out the kids in all of us. My kids are giddy, and so is our new puppy Django, who will see her first snowstorm. It hasn’t snowed here since last winter so now’s the time to bring out the snowpants and boots to get those snowmen built and snow angels sketched out. This storm is going to be a big one. It’s officially projected to be close to two feet and all major airports have canceled flights out of and into the northeast. Tonight, they expect a white-out and the wind is starting to pick up. The blizzard warning stays in effect until 6am on Monday. Not cold at all! Already we’ve shoveled four times and as soon as we get to the front curb and turn around, it is covered again. But it’s our backyard t