Affording Preventative Flea and Tick Care Is Vital

I admit it. When I was younger, I simply could not afford the big expense of flea prevention. As a young couple starting out, we were doing all we could to provide for our child and home. Luckily, our black German Shepherd mix never contracted fleas. I was very careful to not walk her in grassy areas where she might pick up something and kept her out of parks as much as possible.

As our finances grew (as did our furry and human children), I was able to purchase the expensive medication. With two dogs and three cats, it was a serious monthly drain, but after Hayley contracted fleas and infested all of our animals, I was willing to do whatever it took to never allow that to happen again.

Last month, I mentioned I was trying VetGuard Plus by Vet IQ, which cost less than half of what I normally paid for Frontline and Advantage. I'm happy to say it has worked very well, even with the abundance of stray cats roaming around in the yards on my block. 

The purchase couldn't have been easier because it is available in local stores. I get it in my neighborhood Rite-Aid — no prescription needed.

Django and Hayley both don't mind having it administered. While Django will endure it, Hayley runs over for it, thinking she doesn't want to miss out on anything that Django is getting.
Django is a very compliant pup when it comes to her monthly flea  protection.

Last night, we took Django on a two mile walk through the park, and I didn't have to worry that she might be contracting any pesky critters. That is freedom as a pet owner— knowing you are taking precautionary steps toward ensuring your dog's good health and then enjoying your pet.

A day in the park
And a long snooze when we got home

VetGuard is available at Rite Aid, Sam’s Club and Walmart, as well as Packages are available for small dogs (5-15 lbs.), medium dogs (15-33 lbs.), large dogs (33-66 lbs.), and extra large dogs (over 66 lbs.). 

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