The Most Polite Canine House Guest On The Planet (Video)

The Most Polite Canine House Guest On The Planet (Video)

It’s becoming a common houseguest dilemma: taking off your shoes when entering a person’s home. Twice in the past two weeks, I have seen this debate take place on popular morning daytime shows. Some people feel that any guest entering their home should take off their shoes so as not to bring in dirt and germs into their home, while the overwhelming majority of people feel that asking a guest to take off their adorable footwear (which very well may be concealing a torn sock) is just rude.
The debate can go on and on… but what do you do when you are a pooch who simply can’t take off your footwear because you don’t have any?
Well, if you are anything like this exceedingly polite dog, you do the best you can and make an extended effort at the welcome mat.
This has to be the most polite canine house guest in the world, don’t you think?

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