Puppy Love Commercial Will Have You Weeping Through The Big Game!

I have said it before many times: when I brought home our black Lab, Django, from North Shore Animal League, it was one definite highlight of my life. 

I definitely felt those twinges of puppy love (even wrote a post with that exact title!). I couldn’t wait to get back home and see her when I was out. I loved to snuggle with her any spare moment I could. Three years later, I love her just as much, if not more.
When we first saw Django, she had just been wheeled in with a bunch of other puppies after having been seen by the vet, so she wasn’t at the facility for very long. However, some puppies and dogs are at their shelters for a very long time, and some make friends with other animals and people and form a special bond.
The puppy in the Budweiser ad airing during this weekend’s big game, has become so close to one very special resident that he keeps running back to the adoption center to see her. This sweet and moving ad, entitled “Puppy Love” is guaranteed to make any pet lover run for the tissues during the Super Sunday game festivities.
Watch it here, and prepare yourself first!

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