Finally... Scientific Proof That Dogs Read Our Emotions

I was stressed last week. It was one of those days when I had a million things to do in about an hour, and everything was going wrong. I was running late, forgot to make my son’s lunch, was further held up by the mounting ice forming on our front walk, and the phone was ringing off the hook.

“Calm down, mom,” my daughter said. “You’re making Django nervous.”
She was right. Our black lab, Django, didn’t want to be near me and walked around with her head down. It was something I had noticed before. You know how when someone comes into the room frazzled, and you can feel their nervous energy? Well, Django does the same with me. She knows my tones, and when I’m stressed or feeling sick, she knows it.
Dog owners have long known this to be true. How many times have we told our friends and family that our dogs sense when we are feeling sick or down in the dumps? Fellow pet owners understand right away, but non-pet people sometimes look at us as if we’re crazy. But now, we have scientific proof that dogs read our emotions based on our vocal cues.
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