German Shepherd Video Shows Why The Breed Is So Special

When I was growing up, we always had a dog (or two) in the house. My first memory of a dog was a beautiful black and gold German Shepherd named Mindy. She was already a senior when I was very young so my memories with her are, unfortunately, brief. After her, we had Bambi, a black shepherd who I spent most of my childhood with, playing with her day in and day out. She was a no nonsense type of dog, and also the sweetest you could ever want as a best friend.
It’s not surprising that my first dog as an adult was another black shepherd named Roxy. Roxy was my heart. She was the kindest dog I have ever had. She was protective of my kids but loving to all. She has been gone for about five years and I still miss her greatly.
It’s funny how you can attached to a certain breed. German shepherds are easy to get attached to, of course. They are intelligent, fast learners who very quickly ingratiate themselves into a family. They are incredibly strong yet fun-loving, adore kids and have a keen sense.

If you are a German Shepherd lover, you’ll get a kick out of this video. It’s just more proof and aptly titled, “German Shepherds Are Awesome”!

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