Adorable Halloween Costumes For Your Dog at PetSmart

As the mom of three, I have done the Halloween rounds for years. Every year I see really cute costumes, innovative and creative. The past couple of years, I have to admit that I've been way more interested in the growing number of doggie costumes I see on the trick-or-treat trails here in New York City.

If you really want a taste of innovation among the pet set, you'll want to check to the Annual Halloween Parade at Tompkins Square Park on October 24th at noon.

If you're still searching for that perfect costume, check out PetSmart's line. From super heroes to sharks to alien and skunks, they have a large selection of truly adorable stuff.

All of the costumes below are less than $20 and many are less than $10!

Here are just a few:

Super Puppy!

Devil Ears
Calling all devils!

Black Cat Rider

Bat Costume

Monster Costume

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