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Tuesday Tip: Stretch Fleece!

Now that temps are dipping in the 40s here in NYC and fall has officially begun, it's time for pet owners to think about those cozy sweaters and jackets to help their pup brave the cold weather. 

Hayley usually wears a jacket on walks during the winter, but since Django is a Lab, she really doesn't mind the cold. (Of course, she is never left out in it! She only goes out to do her business in the yard or take walks with us when it's extremely cold.)

The one problem I have with the majority of sweaters and jackets made for dogs is that they are ill-fitted, coarse, and just uncomfortable in my opinion. While definitely fashionable, many don't take the dog's comfort into consideration. I prefer my dog's comfort over looking cute.

So today's tip is the new line of stretch fleece from Gold Paw Series. It's smooth and velvety, and fits snuggly around your dog's tummy without being constrictive at all. No buttons or snaps- just throw it over your pup's head and put on like a t-shirt. It is incredibly soft and covers the belly (many jackets don't).

The fleeces contain contain recycled polyester and 7% spandex for 4-way stretch, and are available in 10 different solid colors, including eggplant, eucalyptus green, and robin egg blue. They retail for $20. 

To find a retailer near you, visit their website.


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