This Week On Babble Pets: Tiny Puppies and Sweet Lion and Doxie Love!!

Writing about animals is joy and very often I get to put together adorable slideshows of puppies and dogs so cute that they make you happy just looking at them. This week's "Sweetest Puppies: Tiny, Teacup, and Toy!" is definitely one of them. 

Here is a photo from it below, but every one if a must-see in my opinion.

Another heartwarmer is the beautiful story of a 500 pound lion named Bonedigger who suffered from a degenerative bone disease that left him mildly crippled, "So Sweet! Lion Forms Inseparable Bond With Three Dachshunds (Video)"

Sensing that he needed some extra comfort, three lil Dachshunds took him in as their own and together the unlikely grouping of animals formed an inseparable and lasting bond. The video is so sweet it reinforces what I believe deep down inside: that most animals are kinder and more loving than most people.

Not end on a down note, but a relevant case in point is the "Petition Against Hunter Melissa Bachman Grows After Smug Photo With Slain Lion"Bachman became the scorn of a community of animal lovers worldwide after posting a photo of herself posing with a beautiful lion she had just killed. The hunt was done in South Africa, a country in which she has killed many other exotic innocent animals simply for a thrill. Now South Africa is demanding that she no longer be allowed into their country to murder their animals. The good news it looks like there has been enough outrage that she is starting to see the effects of her wicked ways through cancelled media opportunities. 

Even though stories such as these are difficult to write about and see, I still do it to spread awareness. We need to know what is going on so we can help put a stop to it. The petition at has already garnished 400,000 signatures.

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