E-cigarette Kills Puppy: First Case In Britain

Owner Keith Sutton from Redruth wants e-cigarettes labeled as controlled substances after his 12-week old Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy died just hours after biting into a liquid nicotine capsule.
Sutton says the capsule fell on the floor and his spunky pup, Ivy, quickly bit into it. Within seconds, she started reacting badly, “frothing at the mouth and vomiting” and he called his vet who said to get her to the animal hospital ASAP. Sutton says they got there within ten minutes and according to Sutton, the vet did everything he could:
‘He gave her an injection of steroids, then put her on a drip and promised to phone us every couple of hours through the night. They said the first 12 hours were critical and we received a call after 12 and a half hours saying she had passed away. Her lungs and heart had given up.’
The grieving owner blames himself for the pup’s death and advises that these e-cigarette devices need to be kept far away from children and pets
Red the full story at Babble Pets.

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