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Hayley's recent health problems have catapulted me into a whole new realm of dog care. I thought I was being a good pet owner because I did everything I thought I should, walked her, fed her, groomed her, gave her lots and lots of unabashed love, and took her on regular vet visits. 

But as age creeped up on my poor little chihuahua, she developed a host of chronic health issues. In the process, I realized that the typical dog food I was getting for her in the supermarket just wasn't cutting it. 

Some people have the mistaken idea that because dogs are animals, they can eat anything. Why not pick up any bag of dry kibble?  I'm sure you have heard that one before. But we and our pets are a product of what we ingest on a regular basis. There is no difference between people and animals in terms of nutrition- we all need the very best and freshest ingredients!

Django and Hayley deserve fresh and whole ingredients, just like ALL dogs do!

Never did that fact dawn on me more than we almost lost our senior baby just before Easter this year. Once home from the hospital, she required a change in diet. Her aging body needs a higher standard of quality food. Seriously, if I could make her meals, I would, when possible. I have often wanted to cook her nutritious meals, but not only have I never quite found the time (not to mention that some days, I even dread cooking for my children!), I don't how to ensure that my dogs would get the proper nutrition they need if I made their meals myself. I'll leave that to the experts at Hill's who have degrees in animal nutrition. 

We all love our dogs so much and many of us would like to prepare special meals for them if we could, but now we don't have to.

When I learned about Hill's® Ideal Balance® dog food, 
 I immediately liked the idea that each batch is specially made with fresh and pure ingredients. The bakers at Hill's put the nutrition into every meal using their small batch process. The emphasis is on slow and good, just the way we'd like our own dinner at home. We all know that grabbing a pizza or a burger can be a convenient option after a long day, but just think of the difference between a fast food meal and a home-cooked meal. Our dogs deserve a home-cooked meal just as we do every night.

Here are just some of the highlights of the ingredients found in Ideal Balance Crafted:

—Novel proteins from animal sources: trout, salmon, tuna, roasted beef and chicken cooked slowly to ensure the highest quality of taste and composition. Also now proteins like trout and tuna are being #1 ingredients in dry food vs. typically they have only been in wet foods.
Crafted Dog Herbed Chicken & Chickpeas Recipe

—Whole-ancient grains including, quinoa, buckwheat and vegetables like sweet potatoes, barley and peas.

—New cooking processes e.g. - oven roasting dog dry kibble - not common but effective technique. Most kibble are extruded. But gives it texture dogs love, plus the process can be managed with more attention & care which locks in flavor & nutrition. New technology on wet that helps deliver forms /texture (shredded in gravy like human stir fry) with perfectly balance nutrition.

—The well-crafted style: slower, small batch process ensures quality and consistency.

—Like other Ideal Balance brand products, all Ideal Balance™ Crafted® pet foods are made in the U.S. from only natural ingredients with no corn, wheat or soy.

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