Boarding Your Pup: 5 Tips For Packing a Doggy Bag

5 Tips For Packing a Doggy Bag
Make sure your pup has their favorite toys

Deciding to take a vacation can be a daunting undertaking for pet owners. Unless you have family who are ready, willing, and able to pitch in, and take care of your dog until you get back home, the decision can be unnerving. Resolving to board your dog is something that many owners are not willing to do. Some owners prefer to leave their dog home and hire a pet-sitter instead.

If you decide that boarding is a good option for you and your dog, once you find the perfect, loving and responsible people who will care for your dog while you’re away, the next thing to do is pack up things to make them feel comforted while you're away.

Supplying their necessities as well as comfort items will make the transition as smooth as possible. We asked DogVacay for some tips on what to pack in your pup’s bag to prepare for their boarding experience:

1. Your dog’s usual food: Some dogs get an upset stomach if you change their chow, so be sure to pack plenty of your dog’s usual food for his stay. For dry food, a Tupperware container works best and you can leave wet food in the can. Just make sure you have packed enough for your entire stay, and perhaps a little bit extra, just in case.

2. Any medications or supplements that your dog may need. New environments may trigger existing ailments, so even if your pet doesn’t need medication all the time, it’s better to have it on hand to be safe. Be certain to include instructions on how to administer the medication, from vet directions to your own “what works.”

3. Written instructions: Take the time to write a short list of any special instructions you may have for your pet host regarding feeding times, food portions, the phone number of your local vet, and where you can be reached. Make sure your dog's collar fits snugly and that all tags are up-to-date with your cell phone number and address.

4. Pack two leashes: It’s always a good idea to pack more than one leash just in case your host loses one. You can pack a short leash and one that has an extendable line for areas where your dog might want to get some exercise.

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