Billionaire Steps In To Save The Dogs Being Killed For The Sochi Olympics

Billionairre Steps In To Save The Dogs Being Killed For The Sochi OlympicsIn recent weeks, hundreds of stray dogs in the city of Sochi, Russia have been killed in so-called preparation of the Olympic Winter Games. Russian officials have ordered all stray dogs found wandering the streets to be shot with poison darts.
As a result, Russian citizens have witnessed dogs suffering a painful death as the poison darts causes the dogs to slowly suffocate. Even worse (if that’s possible), many of the dogs were pets in homes that were knocked down to make way for the Olympic festivities. The families who lived in the homes were forced to move into apartments where dogs are not allowed and were left behind.
Now, The New York Times reports that a Russian billionaire is making a last ditch effort to save the dogs being killed for the Sochi Olympics.

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