Doggone Cute: 11 Dogs in Holiday Hats (Photos)

I admit that I enjoy receiving holiday cards with adorable puppies and dogs more than I do those with children. Is that terrible?

The fact is that I just cannot resist a cute pup dressed up for the holidays.

Last year, we dressed up our black lab, Django and our chihuahua, Hayley for Santa. The results were sickeningly cute. Having been there, done that with the kids’ holiday photo cards for years, we made some doggie cards last year.

As I got to thinking of what we would do with our pups this year in terms of pictures, I realized how instantly I can become engrossed in holiday doggie photos, and decided to do a round-up of dogs waiting for Christmas and Hanukkah.

Decked out in their favorite hats (and other gear), they are pretty gracious models (and I did already say how hideously cute they were, right?).
I'm rocking this Santa hat on one ear. 
Image: Flickr/ dee_r

I promise I won't knock over the Menorah this year. 
Image: Flickr/ druid labs

I mean who would you rather see perform? 
Image: Flickr/ jlbruno

Yep, that's Django's pic from a few years ago. Now, what to do for this year?

I make a great holiday card, don't I? 
Image: Flickr/ minimallyinvasivenj

I refuse to wear a red nose. 
Image: Flickr/ fotoedu

I need a nap! 
Image: Flickr/ DeliziahCK8

I may be cuter than the ornaments on the tree. 
Image: Flickr/ keithburnscat

Nah, I'm just getting into the holiday spirit! 
Image: Flickr/ barkybunch

Did I just hear the hoof prints on the roof? 
Image: Flickr/ ScROs
I'm all ready for my 8 days of presents- bring it on! 
Image: Flickr/ Jellocat

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