Splish Splash: 20 Adorable Dogs in Pools

dogs, dog pools

There is nothing better than a dip in the pool when the summer heats up. We’ve already seen record temperatures across the country and still have nearly two months left of summer.
When it got seriously hot here in New York City a couple of weeks ago, many pet owners took precautions and walked their dogs at the coolest times of the day, supplied plenty of cool water, and kept dogs in air-conditioning, but many offered their dogs a good old-fashioned remedy for cooling down: a day of splashing around in the pool.
dog, dog pools

Some dogs (like my own) are content with taking a dip in the kiddie pool, but others are just jumping at the chance to dive into a full-fledged adult pool. Some jump, some swim, some even take in the sun on floats… but all enjoy their pooltime!

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