Safety is #DiamondNaturals Priority (Just Like Ours!), Plus Big #Giveaway!

The top priority of pet owners when it comes to food is making sure that what we feed our pups is safe. With the recent and scary outbreak of dog deaths due to jerky treats (in which they still can't identify a specific culprit), food safety is at the forefront in the minds of many pet owners. And then we naturally consider nutrition.

When a pet food company clearly identifies their ingredients, and they are natural and pure, it is a big plus in my book. With my chihuahua, Hayley, entering her senior years, it is even more important that we feed her the most natural ingredients. You might recall we decided on Diamond Naturals Grain Free food a couple of months ago. I'm happy to report that the food definitely does seem to be helping Hayley's digestive issues.

When it comes to safety, it puts my mind to rest to know that the company has developed a comprehensive food safety system in which "every aspect of the manufacturing process at Diamond Pet Foods is tested and monitored. 

For example, in each of the company’s facilities, over 1,300 microbiological tests are conducted every week, including finished product tests, in-process tests and sanitation-verification tests." They also have a "test and hold" program where food samples are collected and tested, and then kept for the whole shelf life of that product, which typically runs for 12 months. I don't understand why more pet food companies do not instill these strict procedures, especially when what a dog ingests has the potential to kill an animal.

What I find particularly troublesome and in fact, horrifying, is how many pet companies actually perform invasive and cruel testing on dogs. I just recently found out what is happening and I am purely shocked. It is a sick and inhumane practice that needs to stop. When I inquired about this at Diamond Naturals, they were more than happy to offer information:
"The testing at Diamond Pet Foods is limited to palatability testing – whether dogs like the taste of the food or not. Private owners bring their pets in to a laboratory to participate in the testing. These certified laboratories are selected based on their dedication to nutritional research."
Diamond Naturals is an example of what a pet food should be: safe, natural, and with the animal's best interest at heart. 

More good news:

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This post is sponsored by Diamond Naturals on behalf of the BlogPaws Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Diamond Naturals Grain Free dog food, but Some Puppy To Love only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Diamond Naturals is not responsible for the content of this article." 

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