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Severely Neglected Puppy Becomes Dog of the Year

When this little puppy was discovered by the Friends of Dekalb Animals in Georgia in September of 2012, no one expected her to make it through the night. The staff rushed the pup to an emergency vet, knowing she would not survive in the shelter where she was given a 1% chance of surviving. Staffers said they had never before witnessed such a devastating case of neglect.The dog weighed  just four pounds .  Then they gave her what she needed: love, immediate medical care, support and more love…. and little by little, it worked. Named Xena, this tiny, starved little girl kept fighting. Eventually she was ready for adoption. During a shelter fundraiser in early 2013, Xena met a little boy named Jonny who suffers from autism. Jonny’s family adopted her and then a wonderful. astounding thing happened. Slowly, Xena helped Jonny make huge strides in his health and social issues, says Jonny’s mom:

The Most Polite Canine House Guest On The Planet (Video)

It’s becoming a common houseguest dilemma: taking off your shoes when entering a person’s home. Twice in the past two weeks, I have seen this debate take place on popular morning daytime shows. Some people feel that any guest entering their home should take off their shoes so as not to bring in dirt and germs into their home, while the overwhelming majority of people feel that asking a guest to take off their adorable footwear (which very well may be concealing a torn sock) is just rude. The debate can go on and on… but what do you do when you are a pooch who simply  can’t  take off your footwear because you don’t have any?

Christmas Miracle! Dog and Blind Man Fall Onto Subway Tracks: Amazing Ending!

When I discussed Santa with my kids as each of them grew to an age where they started asking questions, I gently explained the real deal as gingerly as I possibly could. I carefully pointed out that every year without fail, an example of good will takes over, which I truly believe brings home the spirit of St. Nick. This is one such story. This tale of a Christmas miracle in which a blind man and a dog fall onto subway tracks just might restore your faith in mankind (both human and furry!). When 60 year old Cecil Williams was traveling on the subway with his seeing eye dog, Orlando, he suddenly felt faint, passed out, and fell onto the subway tracks in Harlem, NY. Orlando, also fell down with Williams and being the loyal Lab he is, the dog stayed right by the mans side attempting to help him. Before they both fell, Orlando did his best to bark and alert Williams to get away from the platform edge but Williams felt too faint to do anything about it. The train conductor saw the p

5 Holiday DIY Ideas for Pet Lovers

Guest post courtesy of PetSmart Charities and Brit Morin Nonprofit  PetSmartCharities  is teaming up with do-it-yourself expert  Brit Morin  to showcase easy and fun projects to celebrate your adopted pet this holiday season. From lounging on DIY pet pillows to indulging in homemade holiday treats, your pet will feel the love as he or she relaxes in the happy place you helped create. “I’m excited to team up with PetSmart Charities to teach pet parents creative projects to do for their pets this holiday season,” said Brit Morin, founder of Brit + Co. “Having pets myself, I love giving ideas on how to show adopted pets how special they are in simple and affordable ways.” Brit Morin shares her top five DIY projects for your adopted pets this holiday. See the full projects  here.

15 Cute Pets Wrapped Up As Christmas Gifts

Three years ago, my husband got me the best gift ever: my black Lab, Django. It was just before Christmas and we had been talking about getting a dog for a long time. For at least 6-8 months before that day,  I had longed for a big sloppy dog  to call my own. We already had Hayley, our Chihuahua mix, but  she was much more my daughter’s dog  and I was pining for a big dog like I always had growing up. So one Saturday right before Thanksgiving, we headed out to North Shore Animal League on Long Island, NY. After a hour or so of holding sweet, gorgeous puppies, I turned my head to see a new crop of pups being brought in and I locked eyes with Django. It was truly love at first sight. Hands down, Django is the best gift that I have ever received. In fact, I told my husband that he never needed to get me another gift because she was enough to last for years. Just a few weeks ago, he jokingly said that he was just going to put a big bow on Django this year because he didn’t know wh

ASPCA Holiday Gifts For Dogs, Cats, and Pet Lovers Everywhere!

Holiday shopping can be grueling, but picking out gifts for our pets should be fun. And we should also remember that every purchase we make has the potential to either help or hurt animals. Most of us know that puppies sold in pet stores are products of puppy mills, so by buying a puppy, we can unknowingly and indirectly be supporting puppy mill cruelty. However, we must also remember that when we patronize any store that sells puppies, even if we are buying a bone or a chew toy, we are helping fund puppy mills as well. (This  ASPCA video  explains it all.) It goes without saying that a puppy is a lifelong commitment, not a holiday gift, and puppies and dogs should not be purchased as such. If your family has discussed getting a dog or a cat and are ready, willing, and able to open your home to a pet, please go to your local shelter and adopt. Are you already a pet owner? Well, if you’re looking for mindful gifts for the pet or pet lover in your life, check out these ASPCA hol

Santa Puppy: 25 Dogs That Want The Job!

No one said being Santa was easy. It is one pretty tough job. Before the big day, he has to hit the stores and endure the long lines, crazy kids, and frenzied parents. On the big night, Santa has to find just the right gift for each and every child in the world. (Kind of makes your shopping list seem suddenly easier, doesn’t it?) And that’s not even counting the worldwide trip performed in just 24 hours. However there are some rewards, like the pampering from Mrs. Claus and the additional help from all the elves, and then of course, there are the cookies, oh, the cookies! If human Santa ever gets tired, he can surely rely on our canine friends to jump in and take over. In fact, these cute pups are ready to commit.

Halo, Purely for Pets Sponsors, Helping Holiday Shoppers Donate to Animal Shelters for Free

  TAMPA, Fla. (December 5, 2013) (PetPR News Distribution)  –  Halo, Purely for Pets , Ellen DeGeneres’ natural pet food company, today announced it has become the exclusive pet food sponsor of , a shopping portal allowing consumers to donate to their favorite animal shelters at no cost to themselves – just by shopping at stores such as Amazon ® , Petco, Best Buy, iTunes, Expedia, Lowes, and more. “Helping shelter pets is part of our mission,” explained David Yaskulka, Halo’s vice president, marketing communications. “We wanted to help shoppers support animal shelters without having to take more money out of their own pockets. is a great way to support your favorite shelter for free.”

Amazing Pup Does Laundry! Watch Here

As parents, we’re told to teach our kids how to do chores. We’ve all heard the stories of kids who go off to college and can’t do anything for themselves because mom and dad did everything for them. Well, this precious pup would have no trouble fending for herself. In fact, she even helps out her owners and does laundry  for them. Perhaps it’s an OCD like affliction, or maybe she is a just a type A pooch, but this helpful pup just doesn’t like to leave things hanging out. Hmmm, I wonder if she’s available for hire.