Human of the Week! Greg Mahle: Dog Rescuer

Animal people are good people, there's no doubt about that. Sometimes, there is a person that stands out because they give so freely to help improve the lives of animals. 

Greg Mahle is one such person.

There is an abundance of shelter dogs in the deep south, which is why Mahle founded a transport service, Rescue Road Trips, to relieve these unwanted dogs from their death sentence and ship them north to the arms of loving and eager canine owners. 

The trip starts on Tuesdays in Ohio, goes south of the Mason Dixon Line to retrieve the dogs and then circles back up north for joyful reunions on Saturdays.

It's not a very profitable business and some days "ends don't meet", but Mahle loves what he does.

Mahle says there is nothing better than delivering a dog to a child who will learn to love and care for this adorable little animal. He says he learned how to be a better person through caring for his dogs as a boy: "My first dog taught me how to be a better person, it taught me how t0 love, it taught me how to care for something."

For the dogs that get adopted, he says it's like they went to heaven. He opens the trailer and there are angels waiting for them.

Our Django comes from the south. In fact, she just arrived just before we adopted her and she is the absolute sweetest dog. She has definitely taught us to be better people and changed our lives.

Hats off the Greg Mahle for the very important work he does day in and day out to save the lives of dogs, and improve the lives of humans!

Watch the heartwarming video here, courtesy of Hooplaha:

Find Greg Mahle and Rescue Road Trips on Facebook.

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