Protect Your SiliDog With Innovative, New ID Pet Tag

I have a recurring dream. It’s a nightmare actually and I had it again last week. I was in my living room and we had company. Someone opened the front door and I watched my Django run outside (in slow motion, of course). There was nothing I could do as I watched. I’ve had this dream before and it most likely stems from when Django was a puppy. We were having a yard sale and as I opened the front door to bring out a box, she walked out beside me and ran to the tree in front of our house, which stands on a heavily trafficked street. She had no leash or collar on, and I tried my best to calmly call her name while walking intensely fast toward her, finally grabbing onto her and carrying her back inside. After my heart stopped beating a million miles a minute, I vowed to always keep her collar on with identifying tags. I’ve had a fear of her running away ever since.
When she goes for a walk, I triple check her harness and jangle her tags, making sure the one with our name and address is attached before we go. There are so many lost dogs my Facebook groups each morning and the ones that don’t have identifying information, are unfortunately usually sent to the Animal Care and Control Unit where, if not identified, are sadly, put to sleep. Sometimes, a good neighbor will post a photo of a lost dog and hold him/her until an owner is located.
Once back from our walk, I take her collar off because the clankety clunk of her constant movement about the house becomes grating. It seems Django has a knack for shaking her head or scratching her ear repeatedly when I’m trying to watch the most soft-spoken actor on TV or listen to my quietest friend on the phone. I’d like to keep her tags on all the time but hearing her traipse through our bedroom at night, and up and down the stairs, on and off the bed, rattles my sleep cycle. I know the safer thing to do is to keep her tags around her neck (on a comfortable, well fitted collar).
So when I heard about a different kind of dogtag, I was intrigued. SiliDog is a line of pet tags that are silent, long-lasting, and always glow in the dark. The company was born shortly after founder and CEO of SiliDog, Michael Lickstein rescued an adorable pooch named Bentley, who was thrown from a car. Among a host of medical issues, Bentley had a flea infestation, which would cause him to scratch day and night, clinking his collar tags non-stop. This prompted Lickstein to create a silent dog tag that was also durable and wouldn’t fade over time like typical metal dog tags. It also had to be comfortable, not like the metal tags that can dig into the dog’s neck while lying down.
Soon after, SiliDog was born. Their concept is so smart; it’s surprising it hasn’t been made before.  The tags are made out of flexible silicone that can be bent and twisted, yet they are resilient and long-lasting, and available in various colors and shapes. SiliDog is now launching their brand new line of glow in the dark tags over at Kickstarter, while trying to gain funds and customer preferences to improve their line. Best of all, every tag you buy gives back to a specific charity, including animal rescue, cancer research and special needs.
Check them out here!

This post is sponsored by SiliDog.

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