Tuesday Tip: Dyson 50 Makes Cleaning Dog Fur A Pleasure

Django, Dyson vacuum, dogs fleas
Django's leisurely snoozes result in a ton of fur left behind!
If you are a pet owner, chances are that you have been through a vacuum or two. For me, getting a new vacuum hasn't just been a casual decision. I have gone through at least 5 since moving to our home 4 1/2 years ago. When we first moved in, there was so much reconstruction going on (which seemed to last forever) that I vacuumed about twice a day. 

We only had Hayley back then and she didn't shed much. However, when she acquired fleas, I became almost obsessive in vacuuming. (I also learned the hard way how vital flea preventatives are!) This might account for how many vacuums I went through but I also could never find one that worked as well as I wanted it to work.

When we adopted Django and she became a part of our family, that brought the vacuum to a whole new level. She has slept in our bed since her first night home and also grabs a seat beside us on the couch, so I needed full back-up just to keep a handle on the sheer amount of fur that leaves her Labrador body on a daily basis. 

I recently tried out a Dyson vacuum and I have to say it seems to be everything that you see on the commercials,  a mix of sleek design meeting fanatical cleaning standards. The first thing I did was vacuum the stairs that lead to the second floor. The bottom step is one that both Hayley and Django sleep on regularly. Django also sleeps on the fourth or fifth step, especially during the summer because that is the precise area where the cool air conditioned breeze hits best. The stairs are a constant struggle to keep clean so I expected there to be a lot of fur and dust.

But what I found was mildly disturbing. Nearly half of the canister filled up with muck, fur, hair, and dust. It was horrifying to see what had been on the stairs. To the naked eye, they looked clean. 

And that's when I fell in love with the Dyson50. 

dyson vacuum, fleas, dogsdyson vacuum, fleas, dogs

The DC50 is a miniature size of the original and has a 2 tier radial cyclone technology which means that it captures microscopic dust. When I read that, I felt much better about the sheer amount of stuff that it picked up from my stairs. The attachable brushes also help this effort and the tangle free turbine tool ensures that fur won't bunch up and tangle in the brush bristles. The vacuum weighs just 11 pounds so it's maneuverable in small spaces and on the steps.

As pet owners, we know that the daily cleaning process can be yet another task in a busy day and not the most fun one either, so it' s important to use the most efficient methods possible.

What cleaning tool do you love most for cleaning up after your pets?

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