Sly Cats Stealing Doggie Beds (Funny Video)

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Cats lovers say cats are smarter than dogs while dog lovers aren't quite willing to see the world in that way. The way I see it, one thing is for certain, cats are definitely more sly than dogs. Dogs are unending bundles of hugs, licks, and love while cats keep their emotions to themselves. But kitties sure get what they want when they want it.

As the owner of three cats and two dogs, I see this happen on a daily basis. LilyCloe, and Baby will do what they please when and how they feel like it, but Django and Hayley will for the most part, listen to me despite their wishes and wants. (Take this plate of food in front of Django for example!).

The pups below are obliging even though you can just tell it is driving them mad to find sly cats stealing doggie beds. The black lab in particular just elicits a chuckle with his kind yet goofy behavior at his dilemma. Watch the compilation video here:

Image: YouTube

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