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Tips To Help Your Child Bond With Your Dog

Courtesy of Pet 360: Growing up with a family pet is a great way for kids to learn two of life’s most valuable lessons: respect and responsibility. To help parents create and foster a special bond between their human and fur kids,  has pulled together the following tips for each stage of a child’s development:

August Is Senior Pet Month!

At some point in our years of raising and loving our pups, they grow up. Sometimes it seems as if overnight we have an adult dog and that adorable puppy we used to know can only be found in our snapshots. Then a few years after that, our dogs enter their senior years. It’s not something that many of us like to think about because watching our pets age can be hard, especially when they become less active and more filled with the pains of old age. Suddenly it seems, our dogs have trouble getting up, sleep much more than they used to, and have stomach disturbances. August is Senior Pet Month, and any of us that have been lucky enough to raise a pet from babyhood through adulthood, and into their senior year years, nows that elderly pets have very specific needs.  One way to help senior dogs enjoy their later years are to find ways to take away the pains that come with aging. There are many things  owners can do to help alleviate our dog’s discomfort  and as Dr. Marty Becker poin

Pet Awareness: Tips on Working with Your Pet's Energy

Many of us have a spiritual connection with our dogs. If you'd like to learn more about how to zone in on your dog's energy and communicate better with him/her, read on and enjoy this guest post from psychic medium, Linda Lauren: By Linda Lauren The more I work with pets and their owners, the more I realize how out of touch so many people are with the concept of communication with them. There are two basic forms: one is verbal and/or through command; the other is psychic and telepathic in nature. When you are communicating with your pet telepathically, you are creating a direct dialog that will help to convey the necessary information between you. In my experience, when the owner taps into the energy of their pet they are able to connect the dots to better understand their wants and needs. Here are three things to keep in mind to help bring awareness to your communication:

CONTEST: VetGuard Gift Pack!

Since we are knee-deep in flea and tick season, it is more important than ever to protect our pups so they do not have to suffer through the ordeal of having fleas and ticks invade their body. Many of you followed my test trial on my own dogs this summer and I'm pleased to report that VetGuard has worked wonderfully on Django and Hayley  (for half the price on what I normally spent) . Some of you may remember the drama that ensued when Hayley contracted fleas a few years ago. Ever since, I have been vigilant about being proactive on the flea front. Now, I'm happy to offer a VetGuard gift-pack to one lucky reader which will include the following:

Dog Saved When Man Performs CPR (Video)

It is an owner’s worst fear: your beloved dog goes into cardiac arrest for no apparent reason. What do you do… besides just freeze? The owner in the video below had her dog Sugar enrolled at a K9 training program. During one routine training exercise, Sugar collapses to the ground and stops breathing. Understandably, the owner becomes emotional because she doesn’t know what just happened or what to do. The center’s owner rushes over and administers CPR to Sugar while people in the background instruct the owner to be calm and call out to her dog to reassure him.

Splish Splash: 20 Adorable Dogs in Pools

There is nothing better than a dip in the pool when the summer heats up. We’ve already seen record temperatures across the country and still have nearly two months left of summer. When it got seriously hot here in New York City a couple of weeks ago, many pet owners took precautions and walked their dogs at the coolest times of the day, supplied plenty of cool water, and kept dogs in air-conditioning, but many offered their dogs a good old-fashioned remedy for cooling down: a day of splashing around in the pool.

Affording Preventative Flea and Tick Care Is Vital

I admit it. When I was younger, I simply could not afford the big expense of flea prevention. As a young couple starting out, we were doing all we could to provide for our child and home. Luckily, our black German Shepherd mix never contracted fleas. I was very careful to not walk her in grassy areas where she might pick up something and kept her out of parks as much as possible. As our finances grew (as did our furry and human children), I was able to purchase the expensive medication. With two dogs and three cats, it was a serious monthly drain, but after Hayley contracted fleas and infested all of our animals, I was willing to do whatever it took to never allow that to happen again. Last month, I mentioned I was trying  VetGuard Plus by Vet IQ, which cost less than half of what I normally paid for Frontline and Advantage. I'm happy to say it has worked very well, even with the abundance of stray cats roaming around in the yards on my block.  The purchase couldn't